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This project was conceived because there is a dearth of data that could highlight the true number of physiotherapists resident in NIgeria and diaspora. This has continually been a setback when deliberating with the government on Job policies. Therefore, this form is designed to generate proper data for government policy interventions , job policies and remuneration e.t.c

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Dear Colleagues

I am very delighted to wish you a happy World Physiotherapy Day. This year’s celebration coincides with the 60th Anniversary of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy and therefore gives us a lot more to celebrate, but more importantly to make reflections about the state of our profession.

NSP Post KADA 2016- The scorecard.

Just like yesterday, I can't believe that it is 2yrs already. How time flies. The memory of the inaugural meeting of this incumbent administration on the 29th October,2017 is still very fresh in my mind. As often said that "Every Cloud has a silver lining," the emergence of Dr. Rufai Ahmad as the President of NSP was timely and divinely orchestrated to help reveal certain surreptitious acts behind the scenes of NSP power tussles." Na d breeze wey blow mek us see fowl nyash finish." Anyway, topic for another day.


I can imagine your questions right now; Whats happening there?

Is it really that important?

Why must I be there personally?

Can't I hear from the grapevine after the event ,what went down?

Well something really "big" is happening, the 58th edition of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP)Annual Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM). Is it not a wonderful coincidence that our great Country Nigeria and our mother body the NSP are technically celebrating their 58th years on the same month. Indeed this is the month of greatness.


As the LASSA FEVER epidemic enters its third week, here are facts you should know:

1. Currently, 10 states in Nigeria have been affected by the epidemic ,Edo, Ondo, Bauchi, Nasarawa, Ebonyi, Anambra, Benue, Kogi, Imo and Lagos states. Due to heavy inter-state migration and poor data collation, the number of affected states is expected to rise.


NSP Presidents New Year Message.

HAPPY NEW YEAR MESSAGE – SET THE CLOCK PROPERLY As I write this message the date on my computer shows 12/31/2017 when in reality it is already 2018. Sometimes we underestimate ourselves because of some clocks that we have not set properly when in reality we are truly blessed. When you prevent the most alarming diseases, put people back to work and daily life, prevent suicides and have unlimited resources as tools to do your job, all you need to do is to thank God and set the clock properly. My message will therefore be based on four factors that may help set the clock properly: positive thought lead to productive life, passion is your fastest vehicle but control it, you contribute towards establishing godfathers and politics is the way to go. It is said that ‘a good thought lead to good deeds’. Many of the things that we use negatively were given to us as blessings. Two friends with a similar way of life left home to study in a place with a completely different culture. One of them returned home immediately while the other decided to stay. While they all grew up with the same way of life, they later realized different cultures where appealing to them and the opportunity to look around and settle where they will be happy was great. When you work with people that have different backgrounds and assert that they have peculiar potentials, you will more likely maximize outputs. As Physiotherapists we need to have positive thoughts about each other and our profession. You can develop a strong passion when you identify your niche, what is unique about you. When I first read about Neurodynamics, how physiotherapists use mechanical interface to mobilize nerves to reduce turgidity of axoplasm, increase microcirculuation, lymphatic drainage and mechanosensitivity, I was amazed at the uniqueness of mobilization. The knowledge of Neuroplasticity opened the door to realization of vast tools for Physiotherapists such as mirror therapy, task oriented training, transcranial direct current stimulation, robotic therapy, virtual reality, etc. I once attended launching of a drug that helps with neuroplasticity and I asked if taking the drug could bring neuroplasticity but was told it creates an environment where if task oriented training is given neuroplasticity occurs faster. The uniqueness in all specialties of Physiotherapy is obvious and could drive passion but there is need for restraint because you can’t achieve the best for a patient alone. We often complain of few individuals controlling a group and being ‘godfathers’, but I ask who make them godfathers? When all members of a group are called upon to contribute to achieve something great for the group and a few partake in developing and implementing working plans, they are more likely to understand the terrain and how it works. The best way to build an institution is for everyone to contribute in different ways at every stage of development. Finally, it is time to stop blaming government for our woes because we are the government. Those in authority did not wake up and find themselves in office. They worked towards it by getting involved in politics from grassroots. We need to start working rather than talking. If the laws do not allow you to join partisan politics then ensure you participate in deciding who takes responsibility of the affairs of your locality, that way your voice may be heard more. If the laws allow you to join partisan politics then immediately register with a political party and if possible run for office. How many political office holders do you know that are physiotherapists? Why then do we keep complaining? I pray that 2018 will be a turning point for physiotherapists in Nigeria. We really need to set the clock properly to take our rightful place. The reality favors us but our disposition does not. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL PHYSIOTHERAPISTS.   Rufai Ikechukwu Gbolahan Ahmad.

Fellowship of the African Academy of Sciences.

Congratulations to the Head, Department of Physiotherapy, Prof Kolapo Hamzat,who just received Fellowship of The African Academy of Sciences. He is now entitled to use the designatory letters, FAAS, after his name. We congratulate him for this honour and distinction to him personally and to his profession. We pray God continues to guide him in his various endeavors and may he cross many more frontiers!

Proper introduction of yourself to patients before treatment.

Good evening all. I wish to make a passionate appeal to us (all great physiotherapists) that we MUST at all times introduce ourselves to our patients at EVERY contact time. This is an old argument, I know. As for me, when patients say verbal THANK you to me I tell them that the only way to thank me is by their telling the whole world that a physiotherapist was used by God to make them well. Reason? A lot of times, patients credit a medical doctor and a nurse with my efforts on them. Partly the patients' fault based on their ignorance but largely my fault as a physiotherapist! Do I make them know that I am NOT a doctor; I am a PHYSIOTHERAPIST! Let us wake up on this. The gain of my being "respected" as a doctor fades completely in the face of the great things I lose when after spending my time, energy and skills on a patient, s/he gives the credit to a medical doctor! A case in point is the UCH recently appointed ambassador who was our patient in physiotherapy department while on admission years ago. Today he thanks UCH and its nurses and doctors for saving his life! No mention of physiotherapist (Mrs BMS Tinubu and team) that worked on him. That pained me a lot and brought back to mind my long time argument that I don't wish us to further melt in the health care system by virtue of identity crisis. I am a PHYSIOTHERAPIST and I am proud to be called one. May God not let someone else claim my effort (a Yoruba way of praying). Amin. T.K.Hamzat


Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against blood vessel walls. Blood pressure is written as two numbers, such as 130/80 mm Hg. The top number (systolic), is the pressure when the heart beats while the bottom number (diastolic), is the pressure when the heart rests between beats.
High blood pressure means the pressure in one’s arteries is higher than it should be. Another name for high blood pressure is HYPERTENSION.