Independence Day Anniversary Message to Nigerian Physiotherapists

PR Team, 2017-10-01 00:00:00
Independence Day Anniversary Message to Nigerian Physiotherapists


I wish you Happy Independence Day!!! A day that means a lot to all Nigerians including Physiotherapists. A day that came about as a result of team work and unity, when men and women choose to work together irrespective of tribe, religion, group, profession or interest. A day of reflection! How have we contributed to the greatness of this Nation as individuals and as part of different communities and interest groups we represent?

Physiotherapists in Nigeria have indeed contributed immensely towards alleviating the pain and sufferings of the Nigerian People. However, it is very clear that a lot more needs to be done to consolidate the gains achieved so far. Involvement in primary health care, expansion of private practice, contributions to policy making, strengthening professional practice, establishing an institution where the system is superior to individuals, etc.

I wish to implore all Nigerian Physiotherapists to work together for the betterment of our dear Nation.

Thank you.


Rufai Yusuf Ahmad

President, Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy.


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