Physiotherapists who desire to practice their profession in Nigeria must be licensed to practice their profession by the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board of Nigeria (MRTB). Graduates of Nigerian Physiotherapy training programs and all foreign trained physiotherapists are therefore required to be licensed before they can practice in Nigeria.

The Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board of Nigeria (MRTB), which was constituted by a Nigerian law, i.e Decree No. 38 of 1988 was inaugurated on December 29, 1992. This Board is a Parastatal, and an arm of the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria. Unlike the other Boards or Councils; the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board of Nigeria has a heterogeneous nature in the sense that the Board controls the training and practice of five different Medical Professions in Nigeria. These Medical Professions under the control of this Board include:

  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Osteopathic Medicine
  3. Occupational Therapy
  4. Chiropractic Medicine
  5. Speech Therapy and Audiology Practice.

With effect from December, 1992 therefore, it is illegal for anyone to teach or practise any of the above professions without current professional Licence.

N.B. A professional with a current licence can only teach his/her profession in Board accredited institutions.

In compliance with the law, every practitioner of any of the above professions in Nigeria is expected, at the beginning of every year to renew his or her professional practising license to enable him/her to legally practise his/her profession.

For further information on registration, renewal of licence or other enquiries, please contact:

Mrs Olufunke Akanle
The Registrar 
Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board of Nigeria
Central Medical Library Complex
Murtala Mohammed Way
Yaba Terminus, P.O. Box 3728, Surulere Post Office, 
Lagos. Nigeria. 
Tel: 234-802-350-1755


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