Physio Health Issues

There are about three forms of therapeutic interventions in the practice of medicine. They are:

  1. Drug/pharmacological interventions
  2. Surgical interventions
  3. Physical interventions (physical therapy)

These three aspects complement each other to bring about a "wholistic healthcare". The aspect of physical therapy (physiotherapy) intervention is still under-utilized and is the least understood among the vast population who stand to benefit from the services inherent in physiotherapy. Thus the birth of the new magazine PHYSIO HEALTH ISSUES!

This health magazine which is the first of its kind from the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP), which is targeted more at the general public. It is hoped will help to inform the public about health issues and the role physiotherapy can play in bringing a person back to full health and functional status following a debilitating condition. It promises to be an educative and interesting reading material.

NSP Physio Health Issues

The Maiden edition of NSP Physio Health Issues would be released later in 2017.