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Dear Physiotherapists,

It is our pleasure to announce the dates for the 58th Annual Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy our noble Mother body.

It is slated for the 21st - 27th October 2018 ,at the Dome,Peter Odili Road, Rainbow Town ,Port Harcourt ,Rivers state,Nigeria.

In keeping with modern trends, our main theme this year is: Exploring barriers to accessing primary health care; A frame work for integration of the physiotherapist. While the sub theme is: Enhanced professional training for effective service delivery in primary health care.

In order to exchange and share our latest scientific research and achievements on the above and other areas of physiotherapy, the conference organizing committee is inviting our researchers/scholars and indeed anyone who has papers or articles to share to submit for presentation at the conference to do so. Such interested parties can reach the organizing committee either through the contact details listed on attached flier or through the conference website, for the guidelines on the format to submit their presentations.

As usual the conference promises to be highly enlightening. Physiotherapists will also use the opportunity to reunite with classmates and friends they might have lost contact with,make new friends and develop new mentor/men tee bonds etc. Let's also not forget we shall also have our Annual general meeting ,where we are given an overview of our societies activities over the year,and everyone of us can contribute towards the glorious feature of our profession. Don't miss out on the opportunity to have your voice heard and become an armchair critic later. Come and be a part of the NSP history.

The Garden city promises to be a great tourist site due to its rich ancestral culture and heritage . So let's all make plans towards this.

For those working for the government, please try put up your applications and necessary documentations early towards being a part of GARDEN CITY 2018!

I Can't wait to see you all there! Thank you and may God bless us all.

Long live NSP!

Long live FRN!

Peggy-joe Odili-Olaseinde

National PRO NSP.


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