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The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) publications are:

The National PhysioNews (NPN) is the official news magazine of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy, developed with the purpose of informing physiotherapists across the nation of the happenings and new developments in the profession of physiotherapy, especially from the professional body's point of view.

It was designed to be a quarterly newsletter and was first published in the year 2000 under the Editorship of Mr. E. B. John(Now Dr.) as pioneer Editor and Mr. Yinka Awofolu, the then NSP Public Relations Officer as the chairman of the NPN editorial board.

In 2002, Mr.T. J. Oyewumi became the editor and the chairman of the NPN editorial board when he got elected as the Public Relations Officer of the NSP.

NPN has developed in leaps and bounds; improving not only in size but also in quality and texture with time. Mr.Kayode I. Oke became the Editor-in-Chief and Chairman of editorial board of NPN between October 2004 and November 2008, during which time the National PhysioNews was refocused with a wider scope and acceptance. Also, its distribution/circulation has been improved upon, reaching out to physiotherapists in the 6 geo-political zones of Nigeria, corporate bodies and individuals who have any association/relationship with physiotherapy and other health professionals. NPN is now distributed beyond the shores of Nigeria and online to our colleaques abroad to keep them abreast of the developments in physiotherapy in Nigeria.

In January 2009 Mr.U.A.C. Okafor formally took over as Editor-in-Chief and Chairman Editorial Board of NPN having been elected the Public Relations Officer of the NSPin Calabar, November 2008. So far three regional editors (North, South-West, and South-East/South-South) with twelve Zonal/State editors/correspondents have been appointed as members of the Editorial Board to cover all the 36 states and Abuja.

NPN Editorial advisers are Dr S.R.A Akinbo, and Mr. Kayode Oke (former EIC), while the Editorial Consultants are Rev. A.O Jaiyesimi and Dr B. N. Birabi(past NSP Presidents).

The National Physionews is self sustaining through adverts and goodwill. It is circulated FREE to all financial members of the NSP through out the 6 geo-political regions of the country.

The current edition of the Newsletter was recently unveiled while the quality and acceptability has been continued to be on the sustained.

For more information about the National PhysioNews and how to receive it, contact:

DR. Peggy-joe Odili PT
Editor-In-Chief, National PhysioNews &
Public Relations Officer, Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy
+234 (0) 808 954 8493
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