Proper introduction of yourself to patients before treatment

Good evening all. I wish to make a passionate appeal to us (all great physiotherapists) that we MUST at all times introduce ourselves to our patients at EVERY contact time. This is an old argument, I know. As for me, when patients say verbal THANK you to me I tell them that the only way to thank me is by their telling the whole world that a physiotherapist was used by God to make them well. Reason? A lot of times, patients credit a medical doctor and a nurse with my efforts on them. Partly the patients' fault based on their ignorance but largely my fault as a physiotherapist! Do I make them know that I am NOT a doctor; I am a PHYSIOTHERAPIST! Let us wake up on this. The gain of my being "respected" as a doctor fades completely in the face of the great things I lose when after spending my time, energy and skills on a patient, s/he gives the credit to a medical doctor! A case in point is the UCH recently appointed ambassador who was our patient in physiotherapy department while on admission years ago. Today he thanks UCH and its nurses and doctors for saving his life! No mention of physiotherapist (Mrs BMS Tinubu and team) that worked on him. That pained me a lot and brought back to mind my long time argument that I don't wish us to further melt in the health care system by virtue of identity crisis. I am a PHYSIOTHERAPIST and I am proud to be called one. May God not let someone else claim my effort (a Yoruba way of praying). Amin.