Treatment for back pain

How you can treat back pain?

Research shows that most back pain can be successfully treated with a combination of:

  • remaining as active as the pain allows, 
  • simple painkillers if needed, and
  • advice from a healthcare professional. 

If simple painkillers and staying active are not helpful, then other treatments may be recommended.

Regular exercise for back pain

Exercise has been shown to be the most helpful treatment for back pain. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do, as long as you remain active. So choose something that you like to do it, and keep at it! 

See our Love Activity, Hate Exercise section for some ideas.

Exercise videos for back pain

The exercise videos, to help with your back pain, are displayed courtesy of Salaso.


Watch video exercises for back pain

Getting physical treatment for back pain

Hands-on treatments have been shown to have a small benefit to back pain, and only when used as part of a whole treatment programme which includes exercise. 

Similarly, injections may be beneficial as part of a treatment programme, but not on their own. Injections may be tried if the exercises and other treatments have not helped. 

Other types of treatment for back pain

Official guidance does not recommend treatments such as traction, acupuncture, and various electrical treatments for back pain.