NSP Specialty Groups

PR Team, 2017-11-15 00:00:00
NSP Specialty Groups

Special interest groups offer members of a professional association or organization a chance to focus on their specific areas of interest and gain additional information, education and network. They are relevant stake holder groups that when integrated lead to structures by which practice can be conducted safely. The NSP Special Interest groups include:

1.) Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Head : Dr Stanley Maduagwu PT. - 08034998207

2.)Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy. Head : Dr Jibril Nuhu PT.-08066723572

3.)Paediatric Physiotherapy Head : Dr Olukemi Ituen PT. - 08182021341

4.)Neuro- Physiotherapy Head : Dr Olumide Dada PT.-08023373247

5.)Community Physiotherapy Head : Dr Felix Faniran PT.- 08060508721

6.) Women's Health Physiotherapy Head : Dr Peggy-joe Odili PT. - 07067714661

7.)Sports Physiotherapy Head - Dr Dayo PT. - 08055215465

8.)Exercise Immunology /Palliative Care Physiotherapy Head :Dr Nina Chigbo PT - 08032146935

These special interest groups are in cooperated into NSP and cannot stand as independent organizations. Current members of these groups should ensure they are in good standing,while new members that don't belong to any of the specialty interest groups are advised to select the relevant special interest group(s) that serve their particular area of interest in practice. They can either reach the heads of these groups through the phone numbers attached to their respective names or send an e-mail to prteamnsp@gmail.com for further Clarification's.

Odili Peggy-joe

NSP National PRO.


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