Salt City 2017- Security Concerns

PR Team, 2017-10-04 00:00:00
Salt City 2017- Security Concerns

As the day goes by, the #nspconference2017 @Saltcity2017 #Abakalikirocks draws near.
We are not unaware of concerns in some quarters about security owing to some happening in the country. 
It is natural for the concerns to exist because the natural human instinct holds safety at the highest esteem.
We have mapped routes leading to Ebonyi State and also we have established open channel with drivers that ply these routes daily to give us security update on those routes.
For our brothers from the north, your journey to #Abakalikirocks Ebonyi State will only traverse only one Eastern State. Immediately after Benue State, you will enter Enugu State; the journey through Enugu State will last approximately 2hours and you will be in Ebonyi State. 
Enugu State have been very peaceful amidst all the protests going on in the south-east so as Ebonyi State too.
Our Brothers from the West, you will pass through Anambra and Enugu before you get to Ebonyi. Because of the elections coming up in Anambra, security have been beefed up greatly. After Anambra where you will spend about an hour, you will get to Enugu. Enugu have been peaceful and you will spend about 45 minutes traversing Enugu then you are at #Abakalikirocks #Saltcity2017.
Security in #Abakalikirocks 
We have made appropriate plans to ensure your safety in Ebonyi State. 
The security agencies are fully aware of the entrant of Physiotherapists from all over the nation into Ebonyi State. 
And to follow up on this, we have approached hotels to give us their hotels at a flat rate of between 3000 to 10000 depending on your budget (you can pair in the rooms). The essence is to know where our guests are residing and ensure adequate protection of those places.
We have also ensured that these hotels in question are a tricycle drop of less than 50naira away from the International Conference Center.
We are poised to make your stay in Abakaliki worthwhile. You will not regret connecting with fellow Physiotherapists at #nspconference2017 @Saltcity2017. 

We will welcome any questions and clarifications.


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