WCPT announces Dubai as Host of 2021 Congress

PR Team, 2018-08-04 00:00:00
WCPT announces Dubai as Host of 2021 Congress

WCPT has announced that the Confederation’s award-winning biennial Congress will take place in Dubai in 2021.

Speaking at the Emirates Physiotherapy Conference today, WCPT President Emma Stokes confirmed Dubai as the location for the Congress, which will be hosted by the Emirates Physiotherapy Society.

“The Emirates Physiotherapy Society is uniquely located, and Dubai offers the chance for the global physical therapy community to meet in a destination that links Europe, Asia and Africa,” says Emma.

“Once again, like in Cape Town, we are inviting the global community to join us in a part of the world we have not visited before for Congress. A first for the gulf states, we congratulate the Emirates Physiotherapy Society on their successful bid, and look forward to learning and sharing all we can.”

“The Emirates Physiotherapy Society are pleased and proud to have been chosen to host the WCPT Congress 2021,” says EPS President Amal Alshamlan.

“It has been a strategic goal for the society, aligned with government strategy, to bring such a prestigious event to Dubai. The Congress will bring incredible value to the physiotherapy profession in the UAE and regionally. The excitement has started already to build.”

After a competitive bidding process and site visits, the WCPT Board agreed that the Emirates Physiotherapy Society, which has been a WCPT member since 2007, offers an exciting and distinctive Congress location.

The WCPT Congress is now held every two years. Following one of the most successful Congresses in Cape Town, 2017, the 2019 Congress will be held in Geneva 10-13 May.

In 2016 the WCPT Congress 2015 was recognised for excellence, winning Best Association Conference at the Singapore Tourism Awards.

It was recognised again in 2017 with the WCPT Congress in Cape Town winning an Incredible Impacts award for its range of outstanding legacy activities that benefitted Africa and the wider community.


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