DAY 1,EKO 2020.

DAY 1,EKO 2020. max-h-[350px]



Good Morning Esteemed Physiotherapists,


This is the D-day! The much anticipated day one of the first ever NSP Hybrid Conference ( virtual and physical).

As promised by Dr Sonuyi Olutoyin the Chairman EKONSP, its going to be a fruitful Conference ,as exciting and enjoyable as our physical Conferences.

So whatever our locations,either here in Lagos or any where in the World, let us make sure we have enough data/ internet connectivity,sit back and enjoy the Conference.

We are presently at the National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi for the CHOPDIN AGM and Workshop .

Theme : Strategic Prioritisation and policy development skills; Essential requirements for a successful manager.

Sub theme: Implementing Physiotherapy related Health Policies ; the challenges to overcome.


The virtual links for both the CHOPDIN program and the whole conference has been sent out to all registered members. Registration is still ongoing.

You can register by paying into the NSP Zenith bank account no: 1013783409,and send your email address , reciepts of payment details to 07058388068.

May we all have a great day and week ahead.