Look forward together: WCPT wants you to contribute to future strategy

Look forward together: WCPT wants you to contribute to future strategy max-h-[350px]


WCPT has begun a major new conversation with the world of physical therapy to gather ideas on how the Confederation can continue to serve the needs of its member organisations and the profession globally over the next five years.

Over the coming weeks it is conducting interviews with member organisations and inviting all physical therapists to participate in a series of online polls and surveys to gauge opinion on the matters that mean most to them, and how they would like to see WCPT move forward.

The consultation, named WCPT Look Forward Together (‪#‎WCPTlookforward‬), will inform WCPT’s strategic plan for 2016 to 2021 being developed by WCPT’s Executive Board and to be finalised in the New Year.

“The consultation is the key part of putting together the strategic plan, and it’s an exciting new way of doing things for WCPT,” said Emma Stokes, WCPT President. “We want to look forward together, and it’s really important to the Executive Board and the Secretariat that anyone who wants to participate can.”

“We’re looking for contributions from WCPT’s member organisations, subgroups, networks – they are key to supporting WCPT and it doesn’t exist without them. But we also want to harness the views of other organisations we engage with, patient organisations, individual PTs. We’re interested in the ideas of all our stakeholders because that’s going to make us an even better organisation than we are now.”

With the assistance of consultants EW Group, the Executive Board is conducting wide-ranging discussions with WCPT member organisations which responded to an invitation to be interviewed. Next week, it begins a series of online polls. Physical therapists will also be invited to take part in a more detailed survey in the first week of December. The opportunities will be widely publicised on social media and through videos.

Individual thoughts (or responses from network groups and other forums) can be sent direct to info@wcpt.org with the subject line: WCPT Look Forward Together.

In a video interview to launch the consultation, WCPT President Emma Stokes says the Confederation has introduced the consultation as a means of being responsive to its growing number of members around the world, who face increasingly diverse challenges.

“WCPT is a great organisation,” she says. “It’s been around since 1951, it’s done fantastic work and grown significantly. This process is about embracing the diversity of the global community. It’s a time when the profession is facing many challenges, and the challenges in one part of the world are very different from those in another part of the world. In creating a strong strategic plan that is meaningful to everyone, we believe we have the opportunity to strengthen the profession as a whole.”

“Please take part – this is your opportunity to make us even more effective".


 Emma Stokes