MENINGITIS: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

MENINGITIS: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment max-h-[350px]

First off, let me say this; If you suspect that you, or any loved one has had prolonged contact with anybody who is strongly suspected to have MENINGITIS, please go and take the tablet RIFAMPICIN 600mg TWICE daily for two days.

The Tablet Rifampicin is mainly used for treating Tuberculosis, but is globally used for prophylaxis against Meningitis. Being a TB drug, it should be widely available in Nigeria. While the government seeks to generate funds for the meningococcal vaccine, this measure can be lifesaving for contacts of those infected. Now, we go to the main issue of the disease.


  1. Headache
  2. Fever
  3. A very strong aversion for light. The person always looks away from bright light and prefers dark rooms.
  4. Difficulty in moving the Neck. Moving the neck causes severe pains.
  5. Previous contact with someone who was diagnosed with meninigitis.

Anybody who has most, or all of the above symptoms, and currently lives, or recently lived in the areas currently affected by meningitis, should be isolated until treatment is complete.


It should be noted, that the most effective form of prevention is VACCINATION with the MENINGOCOCCAL Vaccine.

Since this vaccine is currently lacking, I will highlight other measures.

  1. Avoid prolonged personal contact with people suspected, or confirmed to be infected.
  2. Avoid sharing personal items with people suspected, or confirmed to be infected.
  3. If contact has already occurred, please seek the tablets I mentioned above (Rifampicin), in addition to going to hospital for further evaluation.

If you come down with any of the symptoms above, go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY and avoid people touching you unnecessarily.


Once meningitis is strongly suspected or confirmed, please DO NOT STAY AT HOME. Go to a hospital with facilities where you can get an IV line, isolation room, and the required antibiotics for treatment. Once you have all or most of the above symptoms, you have no business being at home.

Share as widely as possible in all our different languages as you may save a life.