New Year ‘2023’ iNSPiring Message to Nigerian Physiotherapists

New Year ‘2023’ iNSPiring Message to Nigerian Physiotherapists max-h-[350px]

Dear esteemed Colleagues 
Happy new year! 
It gives me such great joy to welcome us back from the holidays to the beautiful year of 2023. 
We owe our gratitude to God, our Father, who has given us life, and kept us in good health and in great spirits. I thank God specifically for all members of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) and indeed all Nigerian physiotherapists, distinguished in our passion to make a difference in our communities and resolute in our commitment to overcome the challenges along the paths of building the Physiotherapy profession.

I would like to specifically thank members of the executive council and all working committees for their efforts and diligence so far.

Our ultimate goal continues to be to lead us in taking our noble profession to  greater and enviable heights this year.
Together with every Nigerian physiotherapist,  we will double up on our strategies, explore new ideas and reinforce those that have yielded great results so far.
We will continue to appeal that you work together with us to sustain and achieve our goals. 

We will continue to throw our weights behind our existing projects and crave your commitment and continued support towards these projects. They include but are not limited to the final lap of our unification as one body, collaborative efforts with the federal ministry of health towards strategic development of physiotherapy practice in Nigeria, sensitization and creation of job opportunities along specialisation pathways but  not in any way sidelining our generalists, the West African postgraduate college, National postgraduate college, NSP building project (secretariat in the Federal Capital Territory), popularization and rebranding of our noble profession, local, regional and international relevance cum collaborations. These projects go a long way in advancing our society, and profession at large. We shall not relent in building capacity especially through e-learning and of course planned practical sessions. Our education committee and specialty groups are poised for action this year to provide continuing professional development education (CPDE) at minimal cost.  For those yet to receive NSP compliance certificate, the CPDEs will be an opportunity to score points off the check list.  Do not worry dear colleagues , we are in this progressive journey together. Watch out as we kickstart with a Women's Health collaborative project with one of our international partners this January 2023.

The World Physiotherapy congress and general meeting comes up again this year in Dubai. You can be rest assured that NSP is in good standing and all financial members are eligible to attend. Thank you for making it happen by paying your dues promptly.

As we are round up tenure of my administration this year, it is our goal and hope to deliver on completed projects, transparently hand over incomplete ones with accountability to the next set of distinguished executives to continue. 

This is an election year and we look forward to a smooth transition to capable hands. Let passion for the profession drive you to desire to take up the mantle of leadership and perfect where we could not. We sue for peace, fairness, transparency and unity. What binds us surpasses what tears us apart! Remember, NSP is more important than any single individual or group within it. We dare to hope with audacity for a bigger and better cohesive physiotherapy association. 
To our upcoming professionals, our physiotherapists in training, you are the future! Remain focused and resolute in becoming the best version of you as you allow yourselves to be mentored by those that have walked this path before you. You have our shoulders to lean and stand on. 
We look forward to a most rewarding year with vivid outstanding results.

On behalf of the national executive council, I wish you all iNSPiring New Year! 

May all your efforts be crowned with resounding success. 
Have a great and prosperous 2023.

Yours in service,
Dr Nnenna Olajumoke Salamatu Chigbo, PT
President, Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy