NICAPS-G 2015 Communique

NICAPS-G 2015 Communique max-h-[350px]

Communiqué Released at the end of the first General meeting of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy Cardiopulmonary Specialty Group Held at the Multipurpose Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile-Ife, Nigeria on 22nd of May 2015

At the end of the meeting, the delegates agreed on the following amongst other things:

1.      That the name of the association be retained as the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy Cardiopulmonary Specialty Group.

2.      That the scientific conference/general meeting should be organized annually between the month of April and May

3.      That the financial year shall be at the end of March of every year.

4.      That the group explores the opportunity for exchange and training programmes within and outside the country.

5.      That each member should join a track/subgroup among the Critical Care, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation or health promotion/fitness group.

6.      That each group should engage in information sharing, mentoring, training and research

7.      That the activities of the non professional exercise instructors working in the gyms are injurious to the health of the Nigeria citizens and therefore, the group should explore a way to regulate their activities through government policies/regulations, integration and training.

8.      That the group should develop educational programmes/courses toward professional certification.

9.      That the group facilitates the registration with the WCPT-Cardiorespiratory group and other related societies.