Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy Celebrates 2023 World Physiotherapy Day.

Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy Celebrates 2023 World Physiotherapy Day. max-h-[350px]

Every year, on the 8th of September, the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy proudly joins the global community to celebrate World Physiotherapy Day. This annual event highlights the vital role that physiotherapists play in enhancing the quality of life of people, promoting physical activity and establishing the need for rehabilitation.

This year's theme, Arthritis and Physiotherapy underscores the importance of physiotherapists in the prevention and management of arthritis. As we navigate the challenges caused by modern lifestyles, injuries, and various health conditions, physiotherapy remains a crucial component of holistic healthcare and should be optimised.
The expert care provided by physiotherapists empowers individuals to regain mobility, manage pain, and improve their overall well-being, even with debilitating conditions like arthritis. Thus as physiotherapists we are committed to raising awareness about the benefits of physiotherapy and supporting individuals in their journey towards optimal health."

Throughout this week, members of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy nationwide have been hosting series of events aimed at educating the public about the role of physiotherapy. These events provide valuable insights for providing adequate support for people dealing with arthritis, and the many ways to prevent this condition. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with experienced physiotherapists, learn practical tips for preventing arthritis, exercising with arthritis, and will discover personalized approaches to rehabilitation for people with arthritis.

As part of our dedication to our communities, the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy encourages all iNSPired members, students and indeed all practicing physiotherapists to attend scheduled events, share information, prioritize physical well-being and to take proactive steps in promoting physiotherapy in your communities.

Happy World Physiotherapy day!
Long Live the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy.
Long live the federal republic of Nigeria.


Dr  Nnenna Nina Olajumoke Salamatu Chigbo, PT
President, Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy