NSP calls for concerted efforts to combat disease outbreak in Irele

NSP calls for concerted efforts to combat disease outbreak in Irele max-h-[350px]


The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP), a stakeholder in the health sector, has observed that there had been conflicting reports emanating from the remote community of Ode-Irele in Ondo State over the outbreak of a strange disease. We aligned with position of the Ondo State Government, represented by the Health Commissioner, Dr Dayo Adeyanju, who stated that ‎findings from post-mortem carried out on the victims and other laboratory tests had revealed that the disease was neither epidemic nor contagious. Similarly, the World Health Organization (WHO) report released had said pesticide poisoning was the likely cause of the mysterious deaths.

We therefore plead that people should not raise false alert and alarm with regards to this outbreak. Fear, they say, has its torment, let us therefore desist from heightening the crisis with the spreading of false rumours. 

According to the Commissioner, preliminary report has shown that ethanol poison was found in the systems of all the victims. Our attention is particularly drawn to this report of the State Government's investigations which revealed that the victims, who were all Okada riders, gathered at some local joints to consume alcoholic substance mixed with roots and some other local herbs on the eve of the outbreak of the disease. The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy has always discouraged the use of locally prepared concoctions - a common practice among transport operators for the 'cure' of low back pain, a highly prevalent musculoskeletal disorders among these categories of workers.

We consider as an encouraging news, the observation that the disease is in no way contagious. The fact that no caregiver has contracted the disease is a newsworthy report, which we hope will remain so until the outbreak is contained. Nevertheless we call for caution among health professionals as we await the outcomes of further investigations which are being carried out.

Finally, personal hygiene starting with regular hand-washing should become a regular practice with concerted efforts from everyone. We also advise on the safe use of pesticides and discourage the use of unregulated herbal products. We pray that the Almighty God will help us curtail this episode and bring it to an end.

Thank you.



Dr Olumide DADA,

Public Relations Officer,

Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy,

Department of Physiotherapy,

University Health Service,

University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Tel: 234-802-337-3247