NSP inaugurates taskforce

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The NSP inaugurated a taskforce for the profession at a meeting which took place in Lagos recently.In a strategic forum held at the Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Board with the Registrar of the Board,Dr Jogunola and the NSP President,Mr Taiwo Oyewunmi, Chief Warisenibo Charles Dan-Jumbo has been appointed as the chairman.The taskforce in co-operation with the MRTB is charged with responsibility of monitoring practices among qualified physiotherapists to ensure safe and quality in service delivery to our clients as well as monitoring quacks who can be classified as people practicing the profession without a valid licence or those who did not receive the training to practice the profession at all.

This step was taken to ensure that adequate provision is made such that only qualified and licensed physiotherapists are responsible with the care of the our patients/clients in the best interest of the populace and the nation at large.As the profession continues the quest for adequate recognition and to take its place of pride among other health care providers,it is very pertinent to sanitise practice.The Taskforce will come out with a position paper soon to be published to ensure that professional physiotherapists are guided and can abide by the code of conduct,ethics and standards of proficiency of practice as outlined by the Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Board of Nigeria.

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