NSP position paper on current happenings in the Nigerian Health Sector

NSP position paper on current happenings in the Nigerian Health Sector max-h-[350px]

The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) commiserate with the President and good people of Nigeria on the pain of the kidnapped Chibok Girls and the incessant insurgence in the country. We pledge to continue to support the nation through prayers and other active role to ensure that peace is restored to our dear country Nigeria.

The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) strike: The NSP condemned in its entirety the NMA industrial action at this period of national grief. We noted that NMA is not a registered trade union hence it does not have the legitimacy tonegotiate on industrial issues nor embark on industrial action, more so when there is a court order in place, restricting its member, the MDCAN from embarking on strike action! Further the NMA did not explore the relevant platforms exhaustively before embarking on industrial action. We commend your efforts for setting up the Presidential Expert Committee on Industrial Harmony in the Health Sector.



Our president sometime said “……. A system whereby the equals are treated unequally ……. such system is corrupt”. (President GE Jonathan during the inauguration of the board of the NASS Commission Abuja on Wed. 4th Sept, 2013). The President also said on May 1st 2014 “… Nigeria is not a poor nation.. our challenge is how to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor”(during the May day workers rally).

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