OGM 2013 Communique

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The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) held an Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) at Dutse, Jigawa State.  The OGM was convened to deliberate on issues of priority that will move the profession of Physiotherapy forward in Nigeria. The workshop on “Child/Adult Find and Intervention was organized to pave way for the official launch of NSP community outreach project on Disability.  Following the OGM this communiqué was issued:

1.That the issue of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) became pertinent following the workshop delivered by Ashiru Hamza Muhammad PT, MPH, MNSP; Rehabilitation/Program Officer Jigawa State TB & Leprosy Control Program on ‘Disability and MDGs: Issues and strategies for inclusion towards 2015 and beyond’ and ‘Child Find and Intervention’ by Zainab Abdurrahman, PT. In the light of CBR importance in the development of a roadmap for Physiotherapy in the primary health care in Nigeria, the participants at the workshop developed practicable action plans for the NSP on Community Based Rehabilitation in Nigeria. The NSP Community Outreach Project on Disability was thereafter officially launched by Dr. Salisu M. Muazu, the Medical Director of Rasheed Sekoni Specialist Hospital, Dutse, Jigawa state that represented the Jigawa state Honourable Commissioner for Health.

2. That NSP Vision 2020, Vision, Mission and Value statements as ratified by the OGM becomes operational at the end of the OGM.

NSP Vision 2020


·        Physiotherapists as first contact practitioners.

·        Entry level for physiotherapy to be the Doctor of Physiotherapy.

·        Career progression in both academic and clinical settings to be equally attractive.

·        Physiotherapists to be recognized as ‘the expert’ in exercise prescription, exercise testing, ergonomics,             physical rehabilitation and inclusive development.

Vision statement

To promote highly specialized and up-to-date and excellent physiotherapy services to the populace.

Mission statement

To be committed to enhancing the quality of life of the clients/patients through standard and ethical practices.


Competence and Integrity

3. That the NSP should develop NSP Pledge and Anthem.

4. That the profession of Physiotherapy most precious “TOOL” ,“THE HANDS” be highlighted and widely published and be branded thus “Our Hands aid Healing and Recovery”.

5. That the NSP should continue to provide platforms for excellent and specialized care for the populace through Continuous Professional Development (CPD). In part fulfillment to CPDs action plans towards specialized care, the acting Registrar of the National Physiotherapy Postgraduate College of Nigeria (NPPCN) was directed to fast track the training activities that will produce clinical specialists.

6. That the NSP should continue the pursuance of the Doctor of Physiotherapy programme as the Benchmark Minimum Academic Curriculum (B-MAC) for the training of Physiotherapists by securing approval through the National Universities Commission (NUC).

7.That the NSP should develop National action plan on employment of Physiotherapists in government settings for the benefits of the Nigerian people.  

8.That the NSP should within two to four years build a NSP House at Abuja to enhance her corporate image and grant her the status of a permanent address.

9.That the timeline for payment of annual dues remained March 31st annually as decided at the Edo 2012 NSP AGM. The OGM mandated that any payment from April 1st will attract a fine of additional 30% from the individual.

10.That the planning process is on top gear for the NSP 2013 Annual Scientific Conference and General Meeting holding at Akure, Ondo state between 29th October and 2nd November, 2013 should be sustained.

Conference Theme: Advancing Physiotherapy in Nigeria: Team Building and Continuous Professional Development.

Sub-Theme: Current Trends in the management of traumatic injuries: Physiotherapy approach.

11.That the NSP submissions that included in part the inclusion of Physiotherapists and the NSP in the National Health Bill were justifiable more so that the focus was on the overall benefit of the Nigerian people with regards to rehabilitation. To this effect the OGM mandated the synopsis of the NSP submission to the Senate of the Federal Republic to be widely circulated among NSP members to enable them educate policy makers and the populace through various appropriate platforms.

12.That the NSP Education Committee develops guidelines for organizing workshops, seminars and related education training programmes and circulates the guidelines to all training programme organizers and her members.

13.That the election of Hassan Mohammed Sabiu as the NSP National Treasurer by the OGM through a by-election was in compliance to the directive of EDO NSP 2012 AGM held at Benin City, Edo state.




Bakare Ummukulthoum

Public Relations Officer