NSP joins Global Community for World Physiotherapy Day 2013

The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy marked the World Physiotherapy Day 2013 nationwide with an array of activities which kicked off days before and culminating to the D-day to extend beyond. September 8 is a day set aside annually by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy to raise awareness for the profession as well as highlight the challenges of non-communicable diseases that are of global concern.

The NSP has been visibly in the frontlines over the years championing the advocacy cause for the profession in Nigeria as well as lending a voice to the “Movement for Health” project which has been the theme for World Physiotherapy Day in the past couple of years. This year’s focus “FIT FOR THE FUTURE” reverberated all across the nation as there were different tailored activities by state chapters to emphasise the message. The Nation Executive Council were hosted by the OGUN STATE CHAPTER who had series of programs lined up from Radio and TV live shows to interact with the public as part of the build-up to the final event. An awareness walk in the city centre of the state Capital, Abeokuta and a Public Lecture hosted by the Neuropsychiatry Hospital, Aro. The lecture titled “The Ageing Process, Disease and Physical Activity” was delivered by Associate Professor BOA Adegoke of the prestigious College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. The President of the Society Mr Taiwo Oyewumi  in his opening address indicated that the society is commited to the cause for the benefit of the populace and the nation at large."We will ensure that no stone in left unturned to achieve the ultimate goal of a healthier and a more productive world population starting with our home country.We will begin to affect policies that will help promote physical activity to ensure enhancement in quality of life and wellness.Strategic planning is already ongoing to lauch the Community Outreach Project on Physical Activity nationwide."

Movement and exercise are fundamental to leading a healthy, happy life – whatever age you may be. The World Health Organization says that inactivity is one of the leading preventable causes of death worldwide, and has made physical activity a public health priority. Lack of exercise is a significant risk factor for chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes – which now make up 60% of all deaths. Not only can that, but lack of exercise cause lasting disability. The profession of physiotherapy helps millions of people every year to prevent and manage the effects of NCDs, along with the effects of inactive lifestyles, aging, illness, accidents, and the stresses and strains of life. Physiotherapists specialise in human movement and physical activity. We identify physical and other factors that prevent people from being as active and independent as they can be, and then they find ways of overcoming them.

For photos of the events as it happened in Ogun State, visit our face book page:

Public Lecture


Awareness Walk


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