NSP Position on the Appointment of Surgeon-General

"We condemn in totality the move to accede to NMA demands by the Federal Government on the appointment of Surgeon-General and other related matters. We will fight government to a standstill and collaborate with other professional associations in the health sector. The NSP Secretariat will publish a usable information tool kit for NSP members on this matter. The NMA is trying to go through back door and manipulate government to approve what they cannot intelligently negotiate for on a round table. 

As a first line of action, NSP, JOHESU, NUAHP and Assembly of Health Professionals will have press interaction at the Pharmacy House in Lagos on Monday 6th January, 2014 to address the issue of the appointment ofSurgeon-General and other related issues. The push has come to shove. Be on look out for a show down. It is unfortunate that the Presidency made such pronouncement without adequate consultations. This issue is similar to how President Goodluck Jonathan renamed University of Lagos without consideration for due process".

Our previous engagements with the government on this matter made the Senate and even various presidential committees to throw out the creation of position of Surgeon-General. Kindly forward your opinions and suggestions to secgen@nigeriaphysio.org or toyewumi@nigeriaphysio.org or ubakare@nigeriaphysio.org
Please be part of the Peace, Unity and Legacy Project of the NSP. Contribute your quota. It is time to stand united. 

Long Live the NSP of our dream.

Taiwo Oyewumi
President, NSP