NSP Post KADA 2016- The scorecard

Just like yesterday, I can't believe that it is 2yrs already. How time flies. The memory of the inaugural meeting of this incumbent administration on the 29th October,2017 is still very fresh in my mind. As often said that "Every Cloud has a silver lining," the emergence of Dr. Rufai Ahmad as the President of NSP was timely and divinely orchestrated to help reveal certain surreptitious acts behind the scenes of NSP power tussles." Na d breeze wey blow mek us see fowl nyash finish." Anyway, topic for another day.

Dr. Rufai Ahmad in less than 24hrs of his emergence as the number one person of the Society (NSP) hit the ground running. He had his inaugural meeting with his entire cabinet where he ensured that there was no period of limbo in setting up functional committees of NSP with their various Chairmen and Secretaries duly nominated and ratified by the members of the executive. In his passion to lead a United house, Dr. Ahmad extended an olive branch to his Political opponents and even opened doors for some of them to head certain committees of NSP which they declined. Notable among the committees was the Physiotherapy Post Graduate College if I'm not mistaken. Again, in his Sagacity and open mindedness with obvious elements of ubiquitous influence, Dr. Ahmad was in about 10 States of the federation in less than 60days of his tenure in pursuit of Peace, tranquility and progress to an 'apparently' broken Physiotherapy family. Notable among the states were: Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun etc. Some of the efforts made so far towards reuniting the 'apparently' disjointed NSP family were: 

1. Pa Oshin's fact finding and reconciliatory meeting of November, 2016.

2. Diaspora/Mama Nwuga's interventions around March, 2017.

3. The CHOPDIN's reconciliatory meeting.

4. The MRTB interventions.All the above meetings ended in deadlock. 

In May, 2017 precisely on the 4th May, we had NSP sponsored Young Physiotherapists Workshop at Enugu which availed most of the young PTs in the area with high entrepreneural knowledge within and outside the profession. In the same May, 2017, NSP held her OGM at Enugu where she unveiled her completed quarterly Bulletins and 'Physio Health Issues' magazines and made them available for purchase. NSP also advertised the business of buying and selling of Shares as a means to further boast the financial capacity of the Society around same period but most of her members showed indifference to the project. I will deliberately avoid discussing the achievements of some state NSP Chapters especially Kano State within this 2yrs. The states PROs can blow the trumpets better.

To clear 2017 WCPT dues and other backlog of local and international debts by the society following the dearth of funds and deliberate stifling of the Society's financial channels by certain quarters, Dr. Ahmad had to take loan to come to the financial rescue of the Society despite the lucid attacks on his person and smear campaign on almost his entire cabinet. This timely achievement availed all the Nigerian Physiotherapists who went to WCPT Conference in South Africa a vintage position to present their works and equally earned us international respect and recognition. Infact, there were so much achievements within a space of two years that I hardly could keep track of. Is it the NHIS Bill defense in May, 2017? Is it the journey so far on the NPPCN with the risks associated with the frequent use of the roads to and from Abuja on a regular basis? How about the Land request in Abuja for the erection of NSP permanent office and subsequent completion of the necessary protocols for securing one around the eye of the town? The list is simply inexhaustible. Morealso, the teams 2017 WPD gift to NSP was the official renting and payment for NSP office at an ivory location in Abuja. A Secretary was employed to man and attend to NSP correspondences in the office. The Secretary has been on salary since April, 2018. For the first time in the life span of NSP to attain to such a laudable feat.

Not like any other was the SALTCITY 2017 Conference at Abakaliki where dexterity, I mean finesse was truly displayed in it's organization. For the first time PTs could engage in an out door Physical activity within her conference that was a talk of the Town. Some PTs were found wanting when weighed on the fitness scale. Dr. Ahmad was not only a player on the pitch that day but was a point 9 for the abroad team. Leadership by example. As a great Leader with an impeccable forsight, Dr. Rufai Ahmad has developed a 5-year NSP strategic plan from 2018 to 2023 which is presently getting inputs from her members for onward review and adoption. Visit www.nsphysio.org for more details. 

When we discuss the progress made so far by the NSP President, we invariably evaluate and appraise his entire cabinet whose support and intellectual contributions had availed him with much energy and motivation to achieve so. Of course not forgetting the prayers and payment of dues from responsible and loyal NSP members like you. As a man of worth with a high sense of transparency and unstinting propensity for good judgement, many of the NSP President's silent achievements were often left with a caveat " please do not publicize now". For those of us expecting NSP PR crew to be more vocal on social media as some empty barrels around us whose stock in trade is the promotion of a yearly get together of like minds and nothing else. Please refrain from such 'atrotious' thoughts as we are way too busy for such inanities. I Know you won't expect us to degenerate that low. We promised to walk and work with you and the results so far are visible even to the blind.

However, we must acknowledge our shortcomings and a step up on our game we hope to achieve in the coming years if still in office. Finally, l deliberately left the mother of all the achievements so far by the Dr. Rufai Ahmad lead team for the last. The realization of DPT in Nigeria around June this year is not one to be muddled up with others. The journey was a very long one cutting across decades and finally actualized in his regime and exactly at his birth Month. It was our collective efforts that paved ways for the success. I can imagine how much more we all could achieve when our efforts are professionally and proficiently harnessed together. As we all await the implementation of this mother of all achievements by you and me, I wish to draw the curtain here while praying to behold your handsome and beautiful faces at Portharcourt, River State 21st - 27th October, 2018 for the NSP conference.

Long live Dr. Rufai Ahmad and his Team!

Long Live NSP!!

Long Live the FRN!!!

PT Ogbu JohnBosco