I can imagine your questions right now; Whats happening there?

Is it really that important?

Why must I be there personally?

Can't I hear from the grapevine after the event ,what went down?

Well something really "big" is happening, the 58th edition of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP)Annual Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM). Is it not a wonderful coincidence that our great Country Nigeria and our mother body the NSP are technically celebrating their 58th years on the same month. Indeed this is the month of greatness.

The NSP holds a number of meetings, educational events and workshops throughout the year to cater to the wide ranging scientific and other interests of her members but this is when the "big guns "are brought into play. The Annual Scientific Conference is the Association's premiere annual educational and scientific event. This event includes prominent speakers from "overseas"and locally, the NSP Pre conference workshops,Specialty group meetings /updates, CHOPDIN Workshops/updates, clinical case sessions, symposia and plenary lectures, including foundation Lectures. The Scientific Conference also provides an opportunity for the presentation of original scientific work, either as oral papers or posters. Product presentations from our sponsors and partners in progress as well as displays of the local indegenous culture amongst other social activities . The Annual General Meeting (AGM)of the Association also takes place during this period of the Annual Scientific Conference. This is in accordance with the Association's constitution and government regulations .An Annual General Meeting (AGM, ) is a meeting of the general membership of a group.These meetings are held to conduct business on behalf of the group, like making important decisions regarding the group and informing the members of previous and future activities slated for the group. Many benefits resulting from an AGM are ,

- The leadership presenting accounts of their stewardship .Here they give a transparent concise account (including duly audited financial accounts)of their actions in representing the society in the past one year.

- Raise awareness .In some cases the AGM can be used to gain publicity for the society . For example if you have a guest speaker or an announcement that you think may be of more general interest than just to your own membership. You could prepare and circulate a press release after the conference and AGM

- Communicate with members .The AGM provides a good opportunity for the leadership to interact with the membership ,answer their questions and seek their views. Ordinary members are able to raise their concerns and participate in how the group is run.There should, of course, be opportunities for members to be involved throughout the year(the ordinary general meetings OGM), but the AGM provides a minimum safety net to make certain that nothing is overlooked in the rush of our daily work.The plans of the leadership and their proposed strategies to push the group foward laid bare to scrutiny and with general ascent implimented afterwards.

- Elections.This is when the members validly elect key office-bearers to lead the group and this year is indeed an election year for the NSP. Same as Nigeria is voting in her leaders, come exercise your own civic duty to NSP. Either be voted in or vote for good leaders. Our PVCs in this case are our up to date financial status.(From local dues/levies to national )

Least i forget, this is the Garden City hosting us.The Oil City some fondly refer to it too.We had lots of Fun and excitement at Salt City last year and Garden City are poised not to jinx the trend.I sure know this would be an exciting adventure. So lets dust our traveling luggage ,pack warm comfortable chlothes,confirm our releases /passess from our employers are in order, as we all have a date/s for the periods 21-27th October 2018 in Port Harcourt. The count down has begun! The LOC has assured us all,that the logistics to make our stay comfortable from pick up to affordable hotels/accommodation, a great conference experience, sightseeing etc have been put in place.

For more information check confrence fliers attached .

Peggy-joe Odili-Olaseinde

National PRO NSP.